Chairman's Message

We established our company in 2013 to transfer our past experiences to the sector. We soon became one of the most successful companies in the industry. We achieved this success without compromising our principles.

We have sustained an efficient, innovative and solution-oriented approach within the scope of the industrial building and made the success of our work permanent. In addition, we took part in many prestigious and important projects both at home and abroad. Our most important criteria in overseas projects was to represent our country in the best way. We have registered our success with positive customer feedback.

As of today, we are focusing on growth and success in projects where we take full responsibility with our solid technical staff, administrative staff and nearly 200 construction site employees.

Our great goals are the great goals of our country. The more efficient and innovative we work, the more added value we will provide to the national economy. This increases our motivation and reinforces our leading position in the sector.


Hasan CAN                                           Mehmet Ali TÜRK

Genel Müdür / Kurucu                                                                        Genel Müdür / Kurucu