EPDM Application

The reason for the particularly fundamental use of the EPDM membrane is its success to provide modern building standards with the high performance of this system. EPDM Geo membrane has a precedent-free combination of properties sought in applications all over the world in membrane roofs.


Quick And Easy Application

The EPDM Geo membrane can be produced in large dimensions reaching up to 15m width and 61m length, thus minimising the number of attachments and installation time at the construction site.

Superior Resistance to Weather Conditions and Long Life

It is mainly made of EPDM polymers and carbon black in the number of composition of raw materials in it. EPDM Geo membrane shows unique resistance to ozone, UV radiation and aging.

High Flexibility and Elongation

EPDM Geo membrane is flexible and has over 300% elongation even in cold temperatures reaching -45 C and therefore adapts easily to structural movements and heat differences.

Low Service Life Cost

EPDM Geo membrane requires little or no maintenance. With this feature, a roof covered with EPDM has a very low cost compared to its service life when its current long life is evaluated together.

Environmentally Friendly

EPDM Geo membrane is a harmless product that has no negative effects on the environment during both production and use.

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