Facade Panel Coating

It is a lightweight but durable construction coating which takes the best properties of the buildings such as thermal insulation, durability, aesthetics and longevity used in the production of panels which are used as roofing and siding products and named as sandwich panels in commercial markets.


Rockwool Panels - Roof and Facade Panels

The benefits of the ROCKWOOL sandwich panel, which is the roofing and siding material produced using stonewool filling material, are as follows.

  • The stone wool filling material contained in the Panel provides high resistance to fire in the buildings.
  • The panel sandwich system is fast and practical because of the installation.
  • Because the panel thermal conductivity coefficient is small, the structures save energy.
  • The Panel provides sound insulation thanks to its high sound damping feature.
  • The panel is highly heat aware, the fibrous and hollow structure of stone wool absorbs metal expansions.
  • Because of the natural structure of stone wool is an environmentally friendly product.

Stone Wool Panel Uses

Industrial facilities requiring fire safety, chemical storage, fuel stations, military structures, hangars, sports facilities, parking lots, airports, shopping malls, freight and passenger ships.

  • The Panel is environmentally friendly. Panel insulation reduces carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to the Prevention of air pollution.
  • The panel is produced in the desired length and thickness with uninterrupted production line technology.
  • Panel, thermal insulation and facade building coating products are not broken, cracked, deformed, rust-resistant, used safely over the years.
  • Panel roofing, siding panels are quite light compared to classic materials.
  • It is easy to carry and can be assembled and disassembled.
  • The Panel creates non-damp and healthy environments and complies with food specifications.

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