PVC Application

PVC roof systems offer a unique combination of features and benefits that have been proven in many roofs across the globe.


Easy To Apply

PVC provides fast and economical tigability with widths up to 3.05 meters. With a weight of 1.42 kg/m2, it is ideal for both new construction and roof renovation.

Hot Air Source Annexes

PVC hot air welded joints offer fast and economical application, long term quality and high durability in joints. Heat-induced joints allow the top and bottom sheets to melt together and adhere homogenously. The combining method of PVC ensures that the product can be easily applied in all weather conditions throughout the year.

Superior Endurance And Longevity

PVC has excellent breathability and resistance against Ozone with UV rays. The membrane also exhibits strong resistance to algae and fungus formation and general roof base chemicals.

Environmentally Friendly

The light colored surface of PVC allows sunlight to be reflected without being absorbed and converted to heat energy, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the building. The non-chlorinated, anti-hologene, plasticizer-free formulation of Pvc coating and hot air welded joints help protect the environment.


The standard color for PVC membrane is white. It is possible to have beige and grey colors as an option.

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